Tachyon DA's CVC Full 1364 Verilog HDL Compiled Simulator is now Open Source

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However, both OSS CVC as well as Enterprise OSS CVC Supported Binaries Product available.

OSS CVC Open Source Verilog HDL simulator:

OSS is one of the fastest full IEEE 1364 standard Verilog compiled simulators available. Both fast RTL and fast annotated gate level simulation are implemented.

OSS CVC is open source software that is freely usable for any Verilog simulation, but to bundle OSS CVC in a commercially sold product, a commercial license is required. Enterprise OSS CVC product that includes support and pre made digitally signed binaries available.

Article on OSS CVC and Tachyon DA from Semiwiki

OSS CVC Quick Start Guide

OSS CVC Licensing Information

To obtain OSS CVC, or purchase Enterprise OSS CVC Support or for more information, send email to: craigr@tachyon-da.com

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