CVC Verilog Simulator

Tachyon Design Automation specializes in hardware description language (HDL) software tools. CVC is a full IEEE 1364 Verilog compiled HDL simulator. Its fast machine code simulation technology leads the industry with its unparalleled performance and capacity.

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CVC has new X-propagation features that detect possible X value bugs at RTL level, eliminating the need to debug at gate level. Learn more about CVC's X-propagation technology...

CVC is the fastest full accuracy simulator on the market. CVC's fast simulation speed will reduce design verification time. Run more than twice as many over night regressions.
Tachyon DA is one of the few remaining independent companies that offers a full P1364 compiled Verilog. Explore partnership opportunities using Tachyon's superior X86 flow graph compilation and net list technology.
CVC's simple single step compilation takes no effort to learn. There are no complicated scripts or separate compilation and linking phases that are required by the other simulators.
CVC's small memory usage and superior non-flattening technology assures even the largest designs compile and load quickly. Whether compiling millions of gates or millions of Lines of RTL.

CVC has been solid, reliable and high-performance -- we rely on it daily for development.
- Ed Czeck, Principal Engineer, Bluespec Inc.